What Does it Mean to Do it for Him?

I don't care what anyone says, everyone has a ministry of reconciliation but we also have a purpose in the earth in how we live and that's to love one another.  This principle impacts our daily lives.  We go to work, make a living, have families, and help each other.  Is this all to life?  ABSOLUTELY but not in the mundane way we actually live it!  You, me, the neighbor down the street with the annoying dog or cars parked all over, all have something to do with God as much as for God as the outcropping of bringing the love and peace of Christ into the earth.  You're profession is a holy calling.  So hey, if you sense God is saying, "I need more K-12 teachers to develop some new, innovative, kingdom-based curriculum and I'm calling you!"  Say, "Here I am, Lord!"  Callings are not confined to clergy but are actually God's way of bringing His will into the earth.  Had Adam and Eve eluded the fall, there would still be things to do with God and for God.  They would need to educate those children (Education Mtn.), tend, protect, and steward the garden with God's authority (Government Mtn.), gathering and harvesting food (Business Mtn.), be and enjoy their family (Family Mtn.), speak of the righteousness of God (Religion Mtn.), share all the new and old revelation of God (Media Mtn.) all the while doing creative things (Celebration Mtn.).  These are all pillars of what we call "culture."

What Does this Have to do with Wise Counseling?

Helping people understand how God operates (a.k.a. righteous ruling) is what I am about.  That's my mission - finding it out, sharing it, and equipping you.  I can partner with you (wise counsel) while I write and research the concept of righteous ruling across mountains. I help you get not only the right climbing gear, but help and equip you to know God personally on your own Jesus journey while you're climbing.  I ignite, equip, support, encourage, and "counsel" along side you empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Call it mentoring.  Call it discipleship.  Call it reform.  YOU are the living revival of Christ walking around.  Here's your rope.  Now, let's get on the mountain(s)!

What Does This Look Like?

It looks like two ministries partnering together and it will depend on what you are specifically called to do and what mountain.  For the most part, I'm an extra ear, an inspector and refiner of plans, and I'm a researcher and writer.  I operate in both a wisdom and prophecy gifting.  I already have research information about how some things operate, the history, and how to tackle problems with the light and Word of God.  I tend to work with mind-molders, those called or currently at the top of the mountains who set the rules for the whole kit-n-kaboodle so I am a bit selective.  I literally let God set up the appointments so I don't solicit for work or broadcast on social media if I need more people to help.  Nope, if you're not led here, it's probably someone else's ministry that needs to embrace you and what you're doing.   And may God richly bless you and what you are led to do in His name.  With that said, all the information here is available to anyone who ends up here reading or looking for general information about the mountains and topics they tackle or need revelation for. 

For those who get led to me, I walk alongside you as a literal ezer - helpmeet if you will.  I help you with your spiritual giftings, discernment, scriptural understanding and its application to not only daily living but also to your mountain climb "out there" in the world.  

 We want transformation?  We've got to start not only being it, but teaching the ways of God in business, education, religion, government...etc. And it isn't just poking at sin.  It's about dominion and finding out what on earth God is doing in the earth right now.  I also help with real world things.  For instance, I research a multitude of topics so I do research for people who need help with getting pertinent and timely information.  I write, create art, and help people build their "ministry" in practical ways.    

I do Two Things

I do private ministry to mind-molders looking for systemic answers to their mountain climb.  That is personal work much akin to life coaching except I call it Wisdom Coaching because it's far more than life coaching.  

The other thing I do is research, document, do art, and write about revelation for the mountains.  This is a broader sweep than actual personal one-on-one or small group work.  I actually will do research projects for people and teams of people for a fee.


Generally wise consulting is run on an hourly basis and much of what I do depends on the level of engagement desired.  Some people add me as a free-lancer to their projects which largely amounts to a flat hourly fee for me - $30 an hour.  As a free-lancer, this is where writing, researching, and educating, and actual building happen.  It's all part of the partnership as a free-lance agent at $30 an hour.  In that same $30 is wisdom coaching, blueprint making, and Jesus journey ignition.

Not everyone wants this type of help or even requires it if they are already plugged in to people and resources.  Some people want to focus heavily on the discipleship of things while applying it jointly to their mountain climbing.  Others just want some wisdom but don't really need the free-lance piece.  These situations run off a consultation hour.  That means it's about $125 an hour.  The $125 requires a great deal of prayer and preparation and functions in some ways as a prophetic biblical "life coaching" situation.

One of the most important tasks I do is help you get God's blueprints.  If He is calling you to business for instance, He is NOT calling you to do business the way the world does business.  So many fall into this trap.  Nope.  He's called you to do business with His wisdom.  I examine those blueprints with you and help you move forward as a micro-cell team member to get you positioned on your mountain of transformation.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me to make a general inquiry.

One last thing, you may not need this type of partnership but would simply benefit from the research already disclosed in the 7 Mtn. Rising section.  That is all free and you don't need me to read or engage that material.  Happy climbing!

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