Circles of Community

These community resources have been reviewed in the Good Reads Resources section. I created photographic links of their websites to provide a quick way of locating and for creating a community profile page of places I have found to be decent sources of information. I do not always agree with all of these places nor do I validate what they are writing. In general, I’ve found them worth the expenditure of time for careful and thoughtful inspection, testing, and observation and useful for educational and inspirational purposes. I encourage every believer to carefully inspect each and see what YOU find. Once again, these cut across some theological boundaries so if your theology does not permit for things such as prophecy, than you may want to avoid those links. In no way do I state that those sites that claim prophecy are always accurate. Prophecy, in my thoughts, should be handled independently as it flows. Also, such things are generally held in discernment in community.

Prophecy, Teaching & Fellowships

Other Prophetic Artists & Art


Citations & Notations:

Photos of websites are screenshots only to provide a picture link to promote and share that site with you. #lifeismoreloverevival are not affiliated with any of these sites and nor do we claim to be. The Circles of Community section of this website is entirely designed to promote a shared community experience and make it easy to navigate to a new place. It does not confer doctrinal or published agreement with any site listed.

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