Worshipping Word: "The Sound of Surviving" by Nicole Nordeman

For awhile now God has been using a variety of music to speak to me. I often find myself, of late, singing it over the Body of Christ. As the song plays it’s like people who I know are struggling and need prayer flash before my eyes as I sing. “You’re still here. Say it to the pain, etc” [1] along with the versus of the song. In this case, of several songs that I’ve felt to use as prayer Nicole Nordeman’s “Sound of Surviving song from her “Every Mile Mattered” Cd rings the loudest.

She has this section that seems so much like this worshipping declaration. So, if you are one of the many who have found yourself feeling pinned in by negative circumstance and seemingly “attacked” from every side, I believe this song is for you in this hour. I pray you will be richly blessed by it. For more information and the word I heard from the Lord, please see my encouragement page or my facebook encouragement page. For now, I’ve embedded the song from YouTube here. Blessing to you and may you, in the all the trouble, find His still small voice becoming the loudest in both your heart and in your circumstances.

Citations & Notations:

[1] Nordeman, N., & Ingram, P. (n.d.). Sound of Surviving. On Every mile mattered[CD].

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