Remember Me: A Word Heard in Prayer

I’ve learned to love when God whispers in my ear. I can be worshipping along and all of a sudden, there it is clear as day - this word of encouragement or correction, or just love and joy toward my little self. It’s always so wonderful.

I heard this some time ago - actually years ago. I stumbled upon it again and thought it still lovely and appropriate for the hours and days we live in. Rest. Relax. Read. Receive. Be at peace.

I have remembered you.  Can you remember Me? 



Remember Me my people.  Remember Me in your words and deeds.  Remember Me when you speak to Me, to My people, to each other.  Remember me when you speak to the orphan, to the addict, the prisoner, to the widow, to the poor.  Remember Me to kings, queens, business leaders, store clerks, your friends, family, and children.  Remember when I died for you because of My great love for you.  Remember Me in how you live.  Remember Me in how you speak.  Remember Me when you embrace.  Remember Me when your temper flairs.  Remember My goodness toward you.  Remember my faithfulness and the mercies that are new each morning.  My love is unfailing.  My mercy is unending.  I am long suffering.  Remember Me in all you do and things will go well for you for you will have a vine’s communion, free flow of the blood of the lamb, and constant revelation, hope, faith, but above all - Love.


Remembered Imagery Decoded

The digital art of Remembered is that of a woman’s belly. Her belly button is a fingerprint. The point of the picture is from Psalm 139 where David reports how the Lord knows him. God is intimately acquainted with our lives as He knows the hairs on our head.

Scripture References

Isaiah 49:16, Psalm 139:17-18, Ephesians 1:4; Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:24; Lamentations 3:22-23; John 3:16

Creative Credit:  Creative Saying "Remembered" and Heart Photograph ©Zayin Hope 2018.