Creativity as a Spiritual Gift? Part II - The Witness

I have been thinking how hard it can be to believe something when one is so accustomed to believing something else. I mean, isn’t that the foundation for at least the need of “renewing” one’s mind; to learn to believe the truth? Okay, maybe this renewing thing is a new truth, an undiscovered truth, or perhaps a replacement for some serious mind garbage?

In my last blog post of this title (read here if you missed it) I talked about my hopefulness in God partnering with people to be creative. You see, it is my desire to learn to partner with God in my life in all that I do - to be a priest and holy nation in community if you will. For me, it looks like how Jesus lived but under the New Covenant motif He ushered in.

Christianity, I have found at least, can be a bit of a hard place to be. There are so many theological pies to chose from you can have just about any flavor you want. Pies with miracles. Pies without miracles. Pies with miracles at some point in time. And then, no pie at all which is nowhere near any type of reasonable kingdom for me. I happen to love pie. In order to convey a sincere message, I thought I would give my personal witness about praying to God for an ability - a gift - a slice of heaven, and something happening. The important thing though, is doing something with Him and for Him. Really, for me it is a fun way to be with Him. So, here it goes.

I actually have been painting with the Holy Spirit since about 2013 at least. A sister in the Lord paints in a similar fashion and I used to watch her paint when she painted publicly. I prayed to God and asked to be able to paint too. That very night I started drawing although I actually think I’ve had something in seed form for a lot of years.

I began painting and experimenting through prayer and with worship. I checked out some library books to get me started and purchased beginner painting products from places like Bi-Mart. It was just a small investment but that investment took off as did the artwork and style. It morphed over time the more I explored and stirred it up by doing, praying, and investing.

As an example, this is my general skill level with pencil just eyeballing. Please forgive me for the exceptionally lousy photographs but it is all I have for this type of documentation. While the Lord was helping me, it wasn’t in the same vein. Believe me, I had a lot of frustration trying to get this far but I did create it predominantly with my natural skills that I was largely born with.

This is actually from my Facebook page in 2016. I called it a “doodle.” A heart felt friend of mine corrected me and called it a drawing. Hear me laugh with some joy.

With the Holy Spirit teaching plus an anointing it looks more like this [see below.] I actually have a blog post detailing this learning process plus anointing called “Coloring with the Spirit.”

First, please notice the drastic difference. I openly admit that the art skill develops as my faith is built but this is surreal. I’ve watched the gift jump and leap. The other crazy thing is the difference between the two in general. First, the above is on paper, the gorilla is on the computer. It seems a bit easier to create on the computer to me at this point but it hasn’t always been this way. I would also like to share something for me [about me] that is a bit more profound and awe inspiring. The above of the lion is drawn with my left hand because I am left-handed. The thing about me though, is I do not do everything with my left hand. For instance, I write and stir pots with my left hand but I use right-handed scissors. I paint on canvas with my left hand but I mouse on a computer with my right hand. That means I’m taking my non-dominant hand and creating the gorilla….um, yeah; the hand I don’t draw or paint with every where else in my life. I had to learn hand control all over again and my mind had to adapt to computer drawing but still - really?

Now, I supposed some people could say, “You gotta a demon!” or perhaps, “That’s just witchcraft.” I personally think such thoughts are four, maybe five, shades of peculiar since I prayed to God, the one with the Son named Jesus, to ask for help with art as a gift. It shows up. It CLEARLY shows up. So, I don’t know what to do with the excuses others make but I certainly do not practice witchcraft or pray to demons.

At any rate, that is only part of my witness to art and creativity and the gifts God does give to His kids. And, if you ask me, they are fun and good gifts too - just like the Bible reports them to be.

I encourage you in whatever you do whether you need help organizing, parenting, decorating, administrating, leading - just whatever - pray for help and inspiration. Yes, you have the Bible to flip through - go for it. But God does mention in the Bible if you ask for wisdom you will surely receive if it you believe (See the Book of James] so ASK and receive. You might just discover what I am discovering- He not only answers prayer, He gives you more of Himself and what better gift is there than more of Him?