Canvas: Spiritual Fruit

Artwork depicting spiritual fruit seems self explanatory. In this type of artwork I attempt to capture through the use of symbols various types of fruit of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. Often these pieces carry weightier words of wisdom and require a bit of Bible research and prayer to understand. Some artwork has a profile button for more in-depth information about the meaning of the symbols found in the artwork.


Hope Fire Original


Hope Fire

20X16: Acrylic

Hope fire was named for the fire of hope the Holy Spirit brings to us from salvation to maturity. If you would like more detailed information, click the full profile button.


Praise Fire Original


Praise Fire

20X16: Oil with some crystal bits

Praise Fire is all about celebrating around the throne of God. Reflection one is half of the second reflection. It produces more of a fire and emerald rainbow. The second reflection produces a full circle. It some ways it reminds me of bits of Ezekiel and Daniel’s prophetic visions.


Grace Fire Original


Grace Fire

20X16: Oil

Grace Fire is all about grace before the throne of God. It is centered on throne room activity and how we can boldly access the throne of grace through Jesus, the Messiah.