Cookie Use

What are Cookies

Cookies are bits of data (versus the edible kind) that are stored in a user's browser on their device.  The purpose of cookies is largely to help a website remember visitor interactions and preferences.


Types of Cookies [1]

This site is powered by a company called Squarespace.  I purchase templates and management for the website solely through this company. As a result, the template used has a variety of cookies that are utilized in order for the website to function.  Depending on the type of template used, as I understand it, will govern the types of cookies that are used to manage and track on my personal site.  For the most part, my site is a business site so it has a shopping cart.

 Squarespace Analystic for Geographic Location - Analyitic/Performance Cookie

Squarespace Analystic for Geographic Location - Analyitic/Performance Cookie

Functional Cookies are the types of cookies that are needed for the website to function properly.  These cookies include things like redirects (which I actually use since Zayin Hope and The Cultural Ayin have two separate domains. I redirect Zayin Hope to The Cultural Ayin), shopping cart cookies and if I had them, customer accounts.  According to Squarespace, most functional cookies are session based with a few types of cookies lasting a couple of weeks.  There are a couple of "persistent" cookies that are functional cookies.  These types of cookies are for banners and promotional pop-ups that are reoccurring.  Once again, these cookies help the website to remember the visitor, visitor interaction, and visitor preferences in regards to the functional aspect of the website.

 Squarespace Analytic for Traffic Overview - Analytic/Performance Cookie

Squarespace Analytic for Traffic Overview - Analytic/Performance Cookie

Analytic/Performance cookies provide visitor data to me as the website owner.  These types of cookies collect data on traffic sources (e.g. where website visitors originate from) what pages on the site are viewed by a visitor and for how long, as well as some geographic location (see photos at right).  I obviously have this data available to me as part of my Squarespace account.  It simply lets me know how well the website is doing.  My current understanding is it can help me tailor and alter my website to increase traffic as well as monitor the type of traffic.  It also can let me know to some degree how successful any advertising and branding work I do outside of Squarespace is working to draw traffic to my website. These types of cookies last much, much longer in terms of duration.  They can last from 30 days up to two years.  As a for instance, if you agreed to my stated cookie policy from the cookie banner on the main page, that cookie has a 30 day duration reminding my website you agreed to the cookie use from my website.

Targeting cookies are cookies generally used by third-party companies.  These cookies are used by those who specifically target a visitor for advertising purposes.  These cookies remember your device has visited a site or service, and may also be able to track your device’s browsing activity on other sites or services other than my website. This information may then be shared with organizations outside outside of what I do.  My best understanding of an example of this is when someone browses the internet, these types of cookies track what you view.  Then, when a person logs on to a network like Facebook, you will see advertising according to your browsing interests.  For me personally, I can browse a book website and then on Facebook I have advertising that actually targets me according to the books I had browsed on another website.


Cookies My Website Uses [2]

My website uses both functional and analytic/performance cookies.  The functional cookies I need just to run the website and the shopping cart.  I also use the analytic/performance cookies through the analytic square provides as part of my website package.  I have to be honest, I don't use the analytic that much as I am not currently (9/2018) actively attempting to direct traffic to my website.  Mainly when I do use the information, it's to see if the website has any traffic at all.  My use most likely will change so the cookies are enabled.  You can, through the cookie banner, disable some of this cookie data use which is the point of the European Data policy that spawned the cookie banners all across the Internet.  I do not use target cookies and as far as I know, they are not within the Squarespace piece of my website.  I also do not currently have advertising on my website.  If they are being used, it isn't by my intention to do so and I'm unaware of it occurring.


Disabling Cookies & Eliminating Cookies

Disabling cookies can be done at the time you first enter my site.  If you refuse the performance/analytic cookies your data is not tracked as I have my site set up to not track people who deliberately opt out.  If you wish to eliminate cookies, you will need to go to your browser.  I've provided some links to instructions below for a few main browsers.

Google Chrome

Apple's Safari

Internet Explorer

Citations & Notations

[1][2] All information regarding cookies, functional cookies and analytic/performance cookies was provided to me by Squarespace here.  Information provided about targeting cookies was provided by Wikihow and may be seen in total here.