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Scripture Quotes are based on a multitude of translation options. For the most part this website consistently uses the Passion Translation, The Voice, CEB, The Source, and Amplified versions. Cites in articles note the translation.  The Cultural Ayin [the main writing portion of the website] has chosen to locate the copyright language here for cites on the entire website.  Often there are links for the scripture verse that link directly to who has their own ability to publish scripture translations.

The Passion Translation is published in separate books by Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.  The variety of works contained in the Passion Translation are translated by Dr. Brian Simmons (and team).  Scripture quotations marked TPT are taken from the currently available works in the series, The Passion Translation, copyrights 2014, 2015.  Used by permission of BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC, Racine, Wisconsin, USA. All rights reserved.  This translation is now available on

Some Scripture quotations marked The Voice Translation are taken from the Voice Bible, copyright © 2012 by Ecclesia Bible Society. All Rights Reserved.

The AMP version quotes are taken directly off  Amplified Version,  Copyright © 2015 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, CA 90631. All rights reserved.  I also pull the Passion Translation from since I do not own all the separate translations.

The Source Translation by Dr. Ann Nyland is usually cited separately.