Encouragement & Edification

 Come Walk with Me

Come Walk with Me

What I love about God is He is an encourager. He not only edifies us, He encourages us to keep going in all that He has for us even when external circumstances look in a variety of ways. Some people seem to have an easy life while others seem to have one more in line with a Greek tragedy. I love that back when, prophecy was a means to build up and encourage. I believe we still have need of this gift of encouragement throughout the body - not just the edification [teaching on right living] - and I honestly believe the church is often so bitter and a bit downcast precisely because the encouragement part is missing from the edification part. We rarely yell or are terribly critical at out our children while they are learning to walk. Instead, we teach them how, show them how, and encourage them as they climb up the furniture and try and stand on their own. We celebrate each try while we correct to help them succeed. This is my encouragement project section mixed up with some edification as well. What you will find here is a loving Jesus who lifts, strengths, corrects, encourages and just loves. This is the Jesus I’m growing to know. What a wonderful God He is to us.

October 20, 2018

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In the afternoon I found myself listening to some worship music and I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Many people are going through a rough time right now. Some are pinned in on all sides while others are being systematically released into all the “new” I have for them. For those who are hemmed in right now I have a word. I hear your cries and I am right there with you in your midst. I have not forgotten you. Speak to me. Do not cease to speak to me. Release the sound of “surviving” this onslaught. It is the seed of overcoming. It is the seed of triumph. Keep going. Keep pursuing. Keep decreeing My Word as true in your life. Remind yourself of My constant presence and faithfulness to you. I am Here. I am Here in your surviving. Because there is so much division and distraction over the nation, it appears the voice of fear and dissension is the loudest. Many Christians are too busy living their overwhelmingly packed lives to see the dramatic and even drastic needs of their brothers and sisters. I see this and my heart goes out to those overcome with business and those who are struggling to find adequate support. There are those who are just simply overwhelmed despite the support system they do have. I see. I hear. This is the sound of surviving.” The Lord of Hosts & Your Father in Heaven.

Nicole Nordeman has a song that actually has “Sound of Surviving” as its title[1]. This song is a song that I’ve felt led to sing over the Body of Christ - those parts of His body that are really getting slammed in this hour with financial, health, and fear. There is a place in this song that I hear the Lord encouraging His people who are pressed in to declare that is found in the music lyric graphic above. For the full song, You Tube has a variety of options with lyrics. Below is my favorite.


A Prayer for You

May God richly bless you. May you know the depth and width of His love in this hour. May you find comfort in His words. May you receive so richly all that He has for you as you locate and focus on His still small voice. In Jesus name, Amen.

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