The Elusive Eve: In the Garden

I’ve begun to combine the artwork exploration with the study exploration and boy am I discovering some very odd notions I’ve thought and were probably taught, about Genesis 1-3.  In fact, I’ve been grappling with the story of Adam and Eve illustratively and biblically.

Wayward: The Introduction

I don’t want to write about my life, my Jesus journey, or really anything at all related to Christianity which is a part of my story.  In fact, it’s a rather large part of my story. It’s not that I’m ashamed of Jesus. It’s just that I have to admit to some real long term struggles with Christianity that I haven’t exactly shared with a ton of people.

Coloring with the Spirit

Coloring, coloring, and more coloring. Is it possible to do too much coloring? Oh probably. This is my post about how I color with God in the Spirit [of things]. If you have some kind of computer program that allows for drawing and importing or opening photos you may be able to create your own coloring page.

Creativity as a Spiritual Gift? Maybe?

I have been to a variety of churches in my brief lifetime. With the exception of the Catholic church, most Protestant churches I attended were fairly similar in terms of scope and practice and preaching methodology. In fact, it might be difficult to tell them apart without a really careful look at underlining theology informing the pulpit.

Remember Me: A Word Heard in Prayer

Remember Me my people.  Remember Me in your words and deeds.  Remember Me when you speak to Me, to My people, to each other.  Remember me when you speak to the orphan, to the addict, the prisoner, to the widow, to the poor.  Remember Me to kings, queens, business leaders, store clerks, your friends, family, and children.