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The Cultural Ayin is a place to learn about how to govern. The first image you saw, dear guest, is a picture of what The Cultural Ayin is about. The picture above is illustrative of what I do through this internet real estate. This is a place that focuses on feeding the Kingdom of God through art and research. You will see several “files” in the navigation header (i.e. Government, Art, etc.). These “files” are areas I pray, receive illustrative revelation, and then research to gather up the Father’s heart and present it to you as “food for thought.” I do lay claim to divine revelation. For some, that is hard to swallow. If you have any discernment it will not cause you to choke. The Bible in the Book of James mentions that we can ask God for wisdom and in faith believe for it and receive it. This is what I do. I ask God for wisdom. I ask God for His thoughts on matters involving His people and His hope for us in “modern times.” The tabs (e.g. Government , Family, etc.) are project files full of writing, art, and research on these particular matters. I receive some of the answers in vision which I draw so others may see, evaluate, test, and accept or decline as “food for thought.”

I also receive answers in other forms of research, including areas of science. Make no mistake, not all areas of science are correct and I do not imply God endorses all matter of research. It is simply a matter of being led some place prayerfully. For me, these things are “being about My Father’s business.”

Most of my writing is open to anyone who wants to read. The target audience, however, is centered on people who still believe God speaks, believe spiritual gifts are not trapped in the ash bin of dispensationalist or cessationist theology, and grasp that God had no intention of us sitting around waiting for Him to return. I write for His active Bride and she is no sleeping beauty.

For more information about what I believe, check out my simple faith statement or wander over to Zayin Hope and read the My Story page. I share how I arrived at my faith statement and my theological conclusions. Blessings to you on your own Jesus Journey.

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Zayin Hope


You will notice the art on The Cultural Ayin is both copyrighted and watermarked. I use my own art on this website as much as possible. It does not matter if it’s illustrative or photographic art. The place where art lives for me is called Zayin Hope. It seems peculiar that I would have two different places on one website. After all, why not call it all The Cultural Ayin? I do not do this primarily because Zayin Hope encapsulates my own story and then feeds, albeit a bit filtered, into The Cultural Ayin. For me, they really are two different spheres that work together to do the same thing but in different ways.

Zayin Hope is found in the secondary navigation with its own links. These links appear above art work and the main title of each page. Here I hope you will find art that is just for fun, my own story using art, resources, as well as fun FREE stuff for you to use. In so many ways, Zayin Hope provides a source of income when I am able to create art for the purpose of selling to support The Cultural Ayin’s work load. If you would like to support what I do, please wander around the store and see what is there. If you would like to support without purchase, please see my pateron account. Thank you for visiting.

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About Me

Some years ago I began to do art with God. It may sound peculiar to some I suppose but for me, it was a critical way of not only dedicating my life to God, but rediscovering His heart for His people. After some years of up and down, do art or not do art, I finally settled on the notion that art, research, and writing were what I often felt compelled to do. If I was going to do something with my life, doing what brought life made the most sense to me. I fought it. I fought it some more. Even though it made sense, it required risk. It required doing something I had done before but at the same time, I had not done before. It cost me.

The Cultural Ayin is my investigate place of art, symbol, learning to see, and revelation. It is here that I find my own space with the Spirit of the Lord to create, investigate, and write about what I see when I pray. I seek His heart. I seek His wisdom. I create art that is meant to bring restoration, redemption, and exposure. It is usually not in that order. I have found that in order for restoration to happen, exposure must come first. Then, and only then, can tearing down happen. Then and only then replanting can happen. Then and only then can restoration happen and in a whole new way. This is the place He had me create to learn to do all that. It is called “governing.” Welcome.