The Project Files

There are a number of files at this point.  If you would like to know more about the nature of the project files, check out a my about section I have about the files.

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Wayward is my own Jesus journey la vida live.  It documents my own struggles, research, discovery, hope, and life in general in being a Christian in the United States.

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Art & Media

The Art & Media file examines a range of cultural iconography we see every day in various media.  Currently, particular interest is in advertising and social media branding imagery.  With that said, this file is all about examining how media and art collide to tell a story.  What do you see?

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The project file examines church iconography, history, and current issues.  At the moment the largest project is rediscovering the first century church and the charismata based meetings.

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Governing contains research on American governing, American history, politics, and all things liberty.

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Divine Health

This file contains a wide variety of research regarding being healthy.  It covers a holistic approach to stewarding you.

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This file has the circles of community.  These are websites I have fun into during my research and found they may be helpful to others.


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