Some Notes About Wayward


Some of the writing on The Cultural Ayin is connected to my own recovery and Jesus journey. I call it generally the “Wayward Project.” The trouble with this autobiographical exploration is that it comes in investigative chunks that have their own projects. For instance, I’m currently studying Genesis [2018] both biblically, historically, and illustratively. As a result, it has its own file but is part of the Wayward process of investigation and writing.


A number of years ago some events happened that left me reeling. I literally had several life blows for me that by the time I reached January 2018, I was questioning everything I had come to believe about Christianity and relationships. I invited God on a journey of rediscovery in an attempt to salvage my faith and to find my way back to the Jesus I remembered as a child. Wayward is a writing reflection of a journey of redemption, healing, and restoration in process. Truly, it is just more food for thought, which is the general premise of The Cultural Ayin. It is here you will find certain aspects of Wayward as I explore. When some aspects of Wayward have their own project file, they show up separately in my portfolio section duly noted. Below are the links to the beginning of the Wayward writing and investigation. I will also put other updates here and if they point to a project, note it with a link.

Introduction & Chapter 1

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