Worthwhile Websites

The gallery reflects my form of photographic links to other websites I have discovered and have found useful. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the website. I’ve investigated these sites for accuracy and faith over time in reference to the prophetic websites. The teaching websites I’ve found to line up in a variety of ways with what the Holy Spirit has either taught me or begun to teach me.

*Disclaimer. None of these websites are directly affiliated with The Cultural Ayin or anything I do on my own. I also cannot and will not vouch for an entire websites scriptural accuracy. What I’ve read I’ve found to be fairly accurate but I cannot guarantee there are no “bones” in with the meat on any given article. In general, I’ve found the website helpful on the majority of occasions. You, as a fellow sojourner, will need to do your own research, prayer, and study to “test the spirits.” I also do not always agree with content on these websites.