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Just Art is the Zayin Hope section that is made up entirely of galleries.  Zayin Hope is my creative sweet spot being reborn.  For a very a long time I mothballed any type of creativity in the drawing and painting places of my life.  I used to love art as a child, but I found myself believing such things had no place in my adult life.  Then one day as I watched someone painting, I realized that I would like to paint too.  I started drawing that very day.  Shortly after that I put my wallet behind my heart and bought beginner equipment.  I checked out a few books from the library about painting and so my instruction began.  But still, it didn't go very far for awhile.  Then, once again, it changed.  I had put money behind my desire but I was not putting that much heart or time into it as I could.  Due to pain and circumstance, I let it slowly drift into mothballs again.  If I tried to paint, I was met with agitation and frustration.  Now, I'm looking into art from a whole new perspective.  I've found a small beginning -a small space- to examine art and its impact on a variety of spheres of my life.  I'm finding that art is pretty much everywhere and it teaches you and me.  Sometimes that teaching is not so obvious because it is taken for granted or it is already very familiar and is not questioned.  Other times, art is very obvious in what it points to about our world, each other, and ourselves. It communicates.  It tells a story.  It illuminates.  It illustrates.  It helps us see.  It can also blind us and sear our conscience.

Zayin Hope is my comeback place.  After a life implosion, I needed this creative spark to help me find life again; a life in color.  Not a life that is black and white, but a vibrant life that is filled with color, passion, healing, and hope.  If you would like more information about the name Zayin Hope, feel free to click the button for the story (it's a download).  The story can also be found in my Wayward file within The Cultural Ayin.


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