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Part of my gift is in seeing [seer][1], which means I see in dreams and visions.[2]  I paint a vision so other people can see the vision of God.  Often visions are symbol based.  For the purposes of the artwork I do, they (e.g. visions) are entrenched in symbols. It's kind of like a riddle, much like the Lord mentions in Numbers 12 when rebuking Aaron and Miriam.  It's also akin to a living parable or story on canvas. 

All of the artexpressions (e.g. paintings/visual artistry) at Zayin Hope operate in layers because of the rich symbolism.  The four main layers are the parts that exist in every day church.  The art teaches, encourages all to fruitfulness, and conveys some kind of intelligence or wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

Warning: If you do not believe in the Holy Spirit or His gifts, you will probably struggle with all, or much, of what is written here.

 Four Layers of Art

Four Layers of Art

To me, each layer has its own kind of space that intertwines with everything else.  A whole painting or paintings can be like examining a diamond.  Diamonds have angles and facets that all together make it sparkle but each facet is merely a piece of the diamond itself.  Such is the same with the artwork.

There is a teaching layer, fruit layer, inspiration layer, and word layer.  I see it like this diagram using a photo.  From the roots of sound relationship come fruit, inspiration, and words.  To get rather creative, the foundation and ceiling are the same (the Word of God).  In-between where the fruit and inspire are found is where we all develop lovely God like character and are inspired to do and be fruitful (be light, replicate light) in our lives.

The galleries in Zayin Hope are arranged by media type.  Much of what is in the various galleries has a point.  Major groupings of artwork engage The Cultural Ayin part of the website found in the project files.  


A Heartfelt Note

The contentions theologically in the body of Christ are often depressing.  At least they are depressing to me.  One particular aspect of Christianity I actually struggle with is the heretic finger.  What is the heretic finger?  It's the finger that is bent on self-righteousness.  It judges what it does not understand all the while saying and believing it does understand.  It renders other believers as deceived, heretical, or occultish.  I've read some of the websites.  I've even been in the attack camps.  My personal story is found in the Wayward Project file where I actually explain how I ended up where I have ended up.  I discuss theology since I'm already investigating it anyhow.  My intention is not to be divisive, but corrective on some levels.  I've found the secular world the least threatening.  To me, the Christian world is THE THREAT.  Humanity is humanity and we tend to divide easily over the smallest offense and provocation.  Certainly what I see within Christianity I also see in medicine and science.  It's a human problem and human's label, judge, persecute, and condemn according to whatever belief or power they operate with and in.  I perceive Christianity as more threatening because it is in whose name the actions are done.    That is what is damaging about soulish Christianity [Paul called the Corinthians "natural' meaning those who did not act spiritually mature].  I feel I need to be honest about my artwork.  For those who don't believe these things are still possible, that's great for you.  You can live in theological unbelief and doubt or chose another option.  But it is your choice.  I choose something else.  My claim is substantiated by the backing of discerning believers as much as believers who comprehend the written word.  

Citations & Notations:
[1] A seer is in the Bible.  We often think of seers as a witchcraft, new age sort of title.  If you check out 1 Samuel 9:9 you will find the word seer.  In Hebrew it is chozeh and literally means "a beholder in vision."  I have seen it also translated as "stargazer."  If you are interested in learning more, James Goll has an excellent book titled, "The Seer."  It is not the only title out there but it is a place to begin.
Goll, J. (2012). The Seer Expanded Edition: The Prophetic Power of Visions , Dreams and Open Heavens." Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers.  Available at Amazon by clicking here.
[2] This is a controversial statements.  Various sects of Christianity do not believe Acts 2 is valid in modern times.  Other sects believe the miraculous was metaphorical.  Even others believe it is all hogwash.
**Photo of mountain with layers is from unsplash.